Patent protection forms the cornerstone of most technology focused companies' intellectual property programs. If the realities of your business make it necessary to disclose confidential information to a fairly broad group of employees or customers, misappropriation or loss of the secret nature of the information is a constant risk. In addition, the commercial value of many inventions comes from incorporating them into a product that is mass produced, which often fully discloses an invention or discovery. more >>

    Business moves fast. The patent prosecution process unfortunately hasn’t kept up.
    In the worlds of technology development and manufacturing, most companies and entrepreneurs can’t afford to wait 3-5 years for their patent application to come through. With many products capable of and in many cases needing to launch in less than a year’s time, faster, quality patent protection can be vital.
    The accelerated patent procedure, available through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, can be an excellent solution if prosecuted correctly. It provides an opportunity to secure patent protection, often in half the time as the normal patent right process, and sometimes in as little as six months. more>>
    Accelerating the patent application for a technology, product or idea that won’t strategically impact your business in the near term is usually unnecessary.  However, there are several examples of technologies that have had the power to impact a business in the short term and would allow that business to grow in strategic importance.
    If your technology fits within that second category, we’ll work with you to file detailed, specific and numerous related patent applications, while at the same time requesting early publication.  Our experts believe this approach gives our clients the best offensive and defensive positions in the short term while satisfying the need for longer-term asset protection. more>>

Trademarks are a common type of intellectual property, used by virtually every business. Trademarks and service marks are those names or symbols that identify a company as the source of a product or service. Originally, trademarks were literally the marks tradesmen imprinted on their goods to indicate who made them.  more >>

Copyright law protects works of original authorship once they are "fixed" in a tangible medium of expression from being copied without permission. Many people think of the copyright law in connection with artistic works, such as books and video tapes, but it also applies to industrial property such as computer software, advertising literature, manuals and compilations of information. Copyright law does not protect ideas, but it does protect the way in which ideas are expressed. more >>

Although not every company has patentable inventions, every company has trade secrets and they should be protected against disclosure or unauthorized use by others. A trade secret is any formula, pattern, device or compilation used in a business that gives the business a competitive advantage over others who do not know the secret. Customer lists, equipment specifications, formulas, even lists of clients' birthdays can be very valuable. The point is to recognize their value to your business and treat them accordingly. more >>   

Intellectual property litigation can be the most expensive litigation in which a business or individual may engage.  Not only is it expensive, but it is disruptive by requiring that management time and attention be diverted from running the business to prosecuting or defending the litigation.  It is important that you understand what you hope to accomplish through the litigation, recognize the time and expense that will be required, and set realistic goals for a successful conclusion.  Although most litigation ultimately results in a settlement, you must assume that the litigation will proceed to trial.  Furthermore, most intellectual property litigation is appealed, which further delays resolution.  more>>

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